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Creating a WorldSpace Organization Project

Organization Projects are created by first selecting the appropriate Organization from the Organization dropdown menu and then selecting "Create New Organization Project..." from the Project dropdown menu.

Creating a New Organization Project

On the Create Organization Project page you will see that there are three steps to creating a project:

  • Step 1: Specify the pages you want to analyze as part of this project
  • Step 2: Scan the site OR upload issues from the FireEyes extension
  • Step 3:View your project reports and team progress

The Create Organization Project page allows you to complete Step 1: Specify the pages you want to analyze as part of this Project and initiate Step 2: Scan the site OR upload issues from the FireEyes extension. Follow these steps:

  1. Enter a name for your project.
  2. Specify the URL of the first page of the website you want to analyze in this project. When initiating the scan, WorldSpace will begin the process at this URL.
  3. Specify the specific domain you want to analyze. This will ensure that, as the spider encounters new links on your site, it does not go outside of the domain you specify.
  4. Select the depth of pages to scan. The first option is to "Scan the Start Page and all Pages One Level Down": this would scan the start page and all of the links that are directly accessible from the start page. "Scan the Start Page and Two Levels Down", would scan the start page, all the links available from the start page, and all of the links available from those sub-pages. You may also scan three levels down, four levels down, five levels down, and finally, "Scan All Pages". Keep in mind that the more pages you scan, the more time the analysis will take and the more results you will get.

Create a New Organization Project Form Part 1

To start the scan, select the Scan button. The default action is Basic Scan. The Custom Scan and Use Extension options are also available by selecting the dropdown arrow next to Basic Scan.

Selecting Basic Scan will initiate the scan immediately using the default analysis options for the Organization. (Note: You are not locked into the initial analysis options. Scan options can be modified after running the initial scan and a new scan initiated.) You can track the progress of the scan on the Currently Running Tasks page that appears. When the scan is complete, you will see the Project Report page.

Selecting Custom Scan will bring you to the Project Policies page where you can alter the scan's analysis rules and settings, configure an Issue Tracker, establish Page Groups, invite Members, schedule the scan, etc. before running the scan.

Selecting Use Extension allows you to create a Project that can be populated with issues by uploading them from the FireEyes Extension rather than by a WorldSpace scan.

Create a New Organization Project Form Part 2